Yoga for Serenity and Stress Relief(Alan Franzi)

February 16, 2020    9:30 am to 10:45 am

Beginners and advanced students alike can enjoy this Yoga experience designed to help de-stress and energize. Enjoy a more serene and relaxed Sunday as you experience the power and peace inherent in this integrated approach to classical Yoga posture, aware Somatic movement and flow, breathwork, meditation and imagery.

This experience is designed to cultivate greater physical balance, flexibility and strength to dissolve the seeds of distress and bring adeepening sense of wellness and inner peace to your life.


$120.00 for an eight week series with Alan
$215,00 for unlimited classes for the 8 week series with Alan
$18.00 drop in

For more information:
Ph: (203)4888-1700