Yoga and Functional Movement for Posture (Alan)

October 19, 2019    10:00 am to 11:30 pm

Yoga and Functional Movement for Posture Alignment, Pain Relief & Stress Management

$96.00 for the 6 week series, $20.00 drop in

Classes are ongoing—Join Anytime!

Enjoy this special synthesis of the ancient practices of Yoga, informed and inspired by a range of therapeutic movement disciplines and the ingenious paradigm of Pete Egoscue. Learn how Repetitive Stress injury, Back pain, Tennis elbow, Bursitis, arthritis, lowenergy, dizziness and a full array of other chronic conditions may all have musculo-skeletal misalignment their root cause. This class is designed to help you:

  • Learn how and why postural misalignment is at the cause of so much muscular-skeletal pain and dysfunction.
  • Receive ongoing guidance and support to uncover obstacles that can arise on your journey toward wellness and come to understand the possibility that an active meaningful life is possible throughout the lifespan. 
  • Enjoy simple, accessible and pleasant functional Yoga and movement sequences designed to help you restore alignment, balance, and enhance awareness to systematically eliminate the musculo-skeletal dysfunctions at the root of chronic pain.
  • Improve overall strength, flexibilty from indie out to feel more comfortable and confident in your body.

 Classes are on-going. Join anytime. Call Alan at 203-488-1700 to register.