New Meetup Group: Hypnosis and more!

November 9, 2018    7:15 pm to 8:30 pm

 Hypnosis & More for Life Trance-Formation

Organized by Lisa Zaccheo MA, BCH, BCI and Betty Hamilton RN, BSN, MA

2nd Friday of every month 

Those seeking to improve themselves and their lives by tapping into the incredible power of the mind through hypnosis and other subconscious tools and techniques. This meet up will allow members to experience something new and different at every meeting. Educating members about hypnosis, how it works, what it is, what it isn't; teaching different tools & techniques for self-empowerment to improve...



Hypnotist Lisa Zaccheo and Hypnotist Betty Hamilton, both from Mind Matters Hypnosis Center. Lisa and Betty have dedicated their lives to the art of hypnosis and other healing arts to help others transform and they want to help you too.