The Sundown Salon

October 25, 2018    8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

The Sundown Salon: Inviting Shoreline residents with curious minds to sip wine and exchange ideas. 

Thursday October 25th,      7:00-9:00pm

$20. at the door, includes wine, refreshment and program
This session:

                              with  IMRE BERTY  

Do you not even attempt a conversation for fear of how it will end? Or are you frustrated by not being able to show up authentically in life? Imre Berty will share the process of Nonviolent Communication, as put forth by Marshall Rosenberg. Using this communication approach allows us to be more mindful and more effective in our conversations with others and with ourselves.


$20 for refreshments, wine and a speaker.
Pre-Register, Tel: 203-457-0016